Greedy to you


In Yufuin roll shop we offer a half & half to meet the expectations of anyone who wants to enjoy a lot of taste . Mase enjoy a combination of the standard plane and the popularity of the roll cake .

also recommended as a souvenir for those who did not enjoy coming to the store to Yufuin roll shop . Twice delicious half & half at once is definitely that is also pleasing to everyone young and old .

Hava a rich flavor


In Yufuin roll shop we offer a Cremia which is a  rich ice cream. When you eat at a time, you get addicted.

Soft ice cream, which was used in raw milk tasted and mellow sweetness with deep is characteristic. In addition to the part of the cone unlike ordinary soft ice cream has been used fabric of the famous cat tongue in baked  goods, you can enjoy the texture, such as cookies and crunchy.

Please enjoy the Cremia when is a hot day or if you feel like eat sweet.


Yufuin roll cake “plain “


Yufuin roll cake ” Matcha “


Yufuin roll cake ” Chocolat “


Yufuin roll cake ” Half & Half “


※ plain 7.5cm & Matcha 7.5cm

Soft ice cream ” Cremia “


Cake set


【Set drink List】

A set
Blend coffee , American coffee , Tea Darjeeling
Orange juice , Cola
B set
Espresso , Cafe au lait , Cocoa , Cappuccino , Maccha latte
Ice coffee , Ice American , Iced tea , Yufuin cider , Ginger ale Wilkinson Dry
C set
Caramel macchiato , Chai tea
Ice cafe au lait , Ice cocoa , Ice maccha latte

Drink menu

Hot drink


Ice Drink